Bosco is an electricity supplier for apartment buildings. Connection can be arranged without delay. We read your meter each month so you pay only for the power you use. It’s easy to connect with Bosco.

The Electricity System Where Does Your Responsibiliity Lie? Bosco Contract



This is where electricity is supplied to your premises at all times. Your apartment probably has gas heated hot water and Vector (the lines company) is unable to temporarily disconnect power to your electric hot water cylinder.



This is where you have an electric hot water cylinder using ripple relay control. Vector (the lines company) can turn off the electricity to the hot water for up to five hours a day. They do this when the load on the lines network approaches capacity. Where there is ripple relay control, Vector charges lower line fees and these are reflected in our tariffs.

You cannot choose Anytime or Controlled. These are determined at the time your apartment was constructed.